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We are a IT Consultancy and Management Company that specialises in providing businesses with computing solutions tailored specifically to meet their needs. We endeavour to provide solutions which supports all business processes of the clients, whilst at the same time being simple and user friendly.

It makes sense then that your investment in information technology should amplify the impact of your workforce, giving them the information and tools they need to excel. We understand they need to focus their energies on your business, not on the unresponsive computer in front of them.

To ensure our clients remain productive, we have created a range of “Business IT Support” programs to match the support needs of our clients. We manage our client’s networks with proactive monitoring and maintenance and report regularly on the health of those networks. These programs and communications take the stress and worry out of operating business IT systems.

Let us remove the complexity of bringing you the best IT solutions for your business, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business activities.

In addition to our business services, we offer consultancy and procurement of Home Automation & Home Entertainment systems.

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Our Skills

Deolu Ajagbe

Managing Director

Deolu is the captain of the AAplusIT ship and makes sure his crew are all heading in the same direction.